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You would think that this would be easy by now what with the internet here and trying to make it faster for us but no. Sometimes, even when looking for one that does not look shady or somewhere close to a prison o something is really hard. And then when they get compared for their price ranges it just makes things a lot worse for us. We wonder if it is the same for Athens OH apartments.

Hopefully not because some of the poor schmucks there actually need a place to stay in while they work for themselves, you know? This is not like other countries where it is still socially acceptable to still be living with your parents even when you are over the age of eighteen.

They have some kind of pride to look after in America. And while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it just feels like a waste of money on our part. You could have the perfect opportunity to b living for free at home while you are trying to figure out your life. Why do they not use that opportunity? And why is it so looked down on?

You could just easily move out once you have the savings to rent an apartment all on your own. It is not so hard. Sure you may have to feel just a little bit more suffocated because you still have to live under the pressure of your parents but if you lived with it for eighteen years, then you can still do so for another couple more.

It is not like you will be staying there forever anyway. Use that chance to temporarily set yourself up while you still have the chance. Others do not have the same luck as you, you know? Some of them do not even have parents to live in and they have to leave the place that they grew up in because of some bullcrap set up by abusive relatives they were forced to live in.

as soon as they are of legal age they get tossed out and be forced to go look for crappy apartments just so they can have a place to sleep. And then they would have to be forced to go look for an equally crappy job just so they can eat and pay for said crappy apartment.

It just sounds a bit too much to some of out here. Are we sheltered for thinking like this? Maybe. Is still a waste of money and time and opportunity to leave the house as soon as you turn eighteen?

Yes, it is. So much waste, in fact. But everyone has different opinions and we suppose that not everyone shares ours when it came to this. It just occurred to us that most young adults would be really happy if their parents would visit them and give them a home cooked meal.

Because they had to live with canned food or takeouts all the time. Most of them just even have to live with cold food all the time.

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