Installing A Suspended Ceiling

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Installing a suspended ceiling yourself may seem like a daunting task at first, however, with the right tools and a little perseverance, it is easily achievable in an averaged sized room by you and your companions in a day. Here I offer a short guide for you to get started. If you want to install a suspended ceiling then you can hop over to

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To begin with, you'll require a DIY suspended ceiling kit. These may be purchased from some of those suspended ceiling producers you can discover online or in the shop. Fundamental tools for the task include Utility knife, amount, step ladder, carpenter's square, chain, tin snips, hammer, nails, and a screwdriver.

The initial step in installing your ceiling ought to be to indicate a wall the desired elevation of the ceiling then move all round your room using a soul level and repair the angle bead into your line.

You have to match a suspension cord bracket to each of the present ceiling joists. You'll have to place them with 6000mm centers, 150mm from every one of the partitions.

By the present ceiling, then hang the principal entrance at right angles into the present ceiling joints. The space between these principal tees is set by the width of the ceiling tiles you'll use.

You'll have to use a hacksaw to cut the cross tees prior to dropping them into the principal tees. Again space out these according to the dimensions of your preferred ceiling tiles. There will undoubtedly, beside the walls, be a few tiles that will need cutting to fit right into position. This is readily attainable with a razor blade.

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