Cotton vs Bamboo Socks

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If you are a picky person when it comes to your socks, then you have probably always chosen the best cotton socks you can find to keep your feet happy. Granted, over the years cotton socks have been very popular because of their long wear, comfort and softness. People just like the way cotton feels on their skin.

However, now there is a fabric made from bamboo that is even softer, more comfortable and lasts just as long. The thing that makes bamboo socks stand apart in a better light are the other great attributes that cotton does not have.

First of all, unlike cotton, bamboo is a very rapidly growing plant that is much more sustainable for the planet than cotton. Bamboo has antimicrobial properties that cotton also does not have. Bamboo repels moisture far better than cotton. Bamboo resists odors better than cotton. When you combine all of these things, bamboo socks are just the overall better choice for those that are serious about the socks they wear.

You might wish to visit, among other bamboo sock sites, in order to gain even more knowledge and personal testimonies about how well bamboo socks perform when pitted against plain cotton socks. Bamboo socks are the best choice for picky sock people!

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