How To Kill Off A Yeast Infection Quickly

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When you think of yogurt, it's probably in the context of a healthy, tasty snack or light lunch in your lunchbox. Usually, we like to think there are no bacteria in the food we eat. In the case of the combination of this particular bacteria and yogurt, it's actually good for you and is a natural remedy for yeast infections.

There are both good and bad bacteria. The bacteria contained in yogurt is, as you might have suspected by now, the good kind. Furthermore, not all yogurt contains these good bacteria, called acidophilus. The type of yogurt with fruit already in the carton does not contain acidophilus. Yogurt also is one of the few foods that contain Vitamin K, which helps reestablish the balance of bacteria and aids in proper digestion. Look for the naturally made brands of yogurt which are labeled 'live culture' and 'plain' flavor. Now, why you would want to forego the sweet fruit in order to obtain bacteria and yogurt?

The bacteria in live culture yogurt acts to restore the correct balance of flora and fauna in your body. How does this balance get out of whack? One way, well known to women and described in the best selling e-book Yeast Infection No More , is to take a round of antibiotics, necessary to knock out some infection. The only problem with antibiotics is that they kill off all the bacteria, both good and bad. The result is the hated yeast infection, due to the bad bacteria overwhelming the good. Yeast infections cause some embarassing and uncomfortable symptoms in women's private areas!

Physicians are well aware of this syndrome, and the traditional medications to get rid of the yeast infection are messy ointments, suppositories and the like, many of which must be used for about a week before the yeast imbalance is corrected. Any woman will tell you it's a less than enchanting remedy. As if the many side effects of antibiotics aren't enough!

Here's where the beneficial effects of bacteria and yogurt come into play. Just when you're ending your round of antibiotics, start eating some live culture yogurt. You want to include it with every meal, if possible. If you enjoy the plain yogurt, use it as is. If not, put some into a smoothie recipe or dress it up with a little fruit in a bowl. Flavor it with pomegranate, cherry juice or Torani(TM) syrups, which come in lots of tasty flavors. Add some shredded coconut or whatever suits your taste.

If you start this regime right away, you may never even get the dreaded yeast infection. If you do get some symptoms, they'll be short-lived. The bacteria and yogurt remedy is natural, it works, has no bad side effects, is inexpensive and tastes good. What's not to like?

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