Health Benefits of Beet Juice

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The first time I tasted beet juice was a freshly squeezed Carrot/Beet/Ginger juice. The flavors blended together so nicely; subtle sweetness from the raw, organic carrots, robust earthiness from the beet (again organic), and the hot and spicy zest of ginger juice. Heavenly.

The initial idea of drinking beet root juice seemed odd. Beet juice? Really? I'm glad I decided to give it a try. I tend to mix it with other juices rather than drinking it straight up. Between the health benefits of beet juice and the flavor-kick it imparts, I make it a regular part of my juicing habit.

Research has shown fresh beet root juice to boost athletic performance and significantly lower high blood pressure. Significant amounts of folic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, phosphorous and copper make it a potent force for good health. To learn more about how beet juice can improve your health, check out this article.

Fresh, raw beets are known as a powerful restorative, helping to recover strength. Beet root juice has also been used as a blood builder and liver tonic. The natural chlorine helps to stimulate peristalsis, rhythmic contractions of muscles in the gut. That promotes regularity. Since proper elimination is one of the keys to optimal health, this quality alone is excellent.

Another thing I really like about making fresh beet root juice is cost. For a root, it is very juicy and only a small amount is needed. Usually half of a small beet or one third of a large beet is enough to get all the benefits. A very cost effective juicing option. I've written quite a few articles on this humble root vegetable, read below to check them out.

Benefits of Beet Juice: This unassuming root vegetable can lower high blood pressure, raise energy levels, and even help with heart disease. In fact, a recent study has discovered that just one ounce of its juice has been found to lower blood pressure for 24 hours, making it a top health drink for folks who have heart conditions and hypertension. Read all about its health benefits in this article devoted to humble beets…

How to Make Beet Root Juice: Sure, you can buy the bottled stuff, and its not a bad option if you have no interest in juicing your own, but its pretty easy and inexpensive to juice your own beets. Read all about it on our tips and tricks page for getting started on a daily beet root drink habit. You'll be lowering your blood pressure lickety-split for just pennies a day…

Side Effects of Beets: Whenever a new health benefit hits the newsrooms and airwaves, folks inevitably throw out the follow-up question, are there any side effects? There are a few side effects, and if you have certain health conditions you may want to read this article to see if raw beet juice is right for you. This site has tons of information on juicing and the health benefits it can provide, so check them out.


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