How Safe is Worldwide Brands?

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It's quite a popular directory, and there are many positive Worldwide Brands reviews from satisfied customers around the Internet – but is Worldwide Brands really the safest place to buy wholesale goods or not?

Worldwide Brands – The Supplier Directory

Worldwide Brands is a directory of over 8,000 certified drop shippers, wholesalers and manufacturers – supplying over 16 million products that include big brands and lots of generic (and even quite obscure) goods at wholesale prices.

Membership is expensive at $300, but that's for lifetime access and comes with some other features too – such as customer support, forum access and a market research tool that's especially useful for beginners to selling online.

The Worldwide Brands Safety Features

All of the suppliers in Worldwide Brands have been researched and certified as legitimate – and they are guaranteed to be real businesses (not scams) by the editor of Worldwide Brands.

That means that you can buy from them without the worry that your goods may go missing or be of poor quality when they arrive.

Unlike other sites, there are no user reviews in Worldwide Brands – but the editor does give a profession overview of each supplier, and they have done in depth research on all of them – including visiting their offices and warehouses.

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