Top Apps For Survival while Travelling To Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations. People visit it for their bachelorette parties, honeymoons, with friends or even alone. Foreigners enjoy every second of their stay however they could increase the quality of their stay with these simple apps:

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This is an app used for staying connected, you can send messages both audio and text, you can make calls, share pictures and even location. In simpler words it is just like WhatsApp however, Line is more commonly used in Thailand so we would suggest that you get it.


If you are travelling to another country we are sure you want to enjoy its specialties and that too at discounted prices. Simply download the app, look for the restaurant with the discount that suits you the most, make a reservation and eat out. The discount will be applied to your actual bill in real time.

Food Panda

Another food related app? Sorry but we are obsessed with Thai food. Food Panda is an online global app that provides food at your doorstep. Don’t feel like leaving your hotel room? No problem, order and your food will reach shortly.


Never worry about transportation, Uber is probably the most economical transportation service available worldwide that lets you use the same app everywhere. Request a ride at any given time and all the details of your captain and the car will pop up on your screen.


It allows you to read reviews of actual users to give you a firsthand experience of different hotels, tourist spots, restaurants etc.

These were the best Thai app that we compiled for you, hope this was helpful. 

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