Types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

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When you are a part of the work crew, MEWPs become your best friends. Anything you need to do, from stocking products on shelves to taking loads from one point to another, can be done using such equipment.

If you aren’t familiar with MEWPs or mobile elevated working platforms, then this is the right place to be at. MEWPs make reaching inaccessible places easier with safety. Some common types of MEWPs include Aerial platform, Vertical lift, Powered access, Spider lift, Cherry picker, Scissor lift, Aerial work platform, Boom lift and Access platform.

Some commonly used MEWP types are as follows:

  • Scissor Lift

This machine is named the scissor lift because of its crisscross mechanism that resembles a scissor. These usually move in a vertical position and can be used for reaching different heights. As a precautionary measure the operator must be trained and should never lean against the walls.

  • Cherry Picker

The cherry pickers were initially built for orchard related works. Known commonly as the boom lift, this elevating platform comes in static and mobile versions. These also come in hydraulic and manual outriggers and can reach up to 69 feet.

  • Push Around Vertical

These are used for working on lower levels in a static position. The PAVs aren’t meant for mobility.

  • Spider lift

Spider lifts are the heavy duty construction site machines. These are used for reaching extreme heights outdoors without worrying about the workers safety. The walls built around the platform are extremely safe which eliminates all risks of an accident.

With the introduction of MEWPs, working on construction sites has become safer and easier.

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