The Cebu Safari in Carmen Cebu

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Another tourists goal in Cebu Province which is set open to open this early month of 2017. The 100-hectare zoo will have creatures like zebras, tigers, lions, giraffes, white tiger, camels, swans, feathered creature, and among others.

Cebu Safari, claimed by the Pawnshop big shot Lhuillier Financial Services by Michael Lhuillier is said to help Cebu Tourism. Cebu Safari Resort, which is 42 kilometer far from the city proper of Cebu City will be one of the country's greatest zoo.

The zoo is said to have a terraced cultivate with Michel Lhuillier collection of flowers and orchids and aviary. They will likewise include diverse creatures from various places of the world like France, Texas, USA and Dubai. They are likewise setting up some animals indicate like the winged animal show. Actually, the organization has sent trainers to be prepared in Singapore for the animal shows. Sightseers and guests can interact and feed the animal which is not caged. Wild creatures will be cage while others will be in their natural living habitat.

Cebu Safari will likewise give transports to the guests from Cebu City. From Cebu City, it's 2 hours ride to Carmen and extra 15 minutes going up to the mountain part of Cebu Safari.

Extra charge for the day visit in the zoo is required to be P550 per individual. There will be breathtaking rides like zip lines and crazy ride in the safari resort however with various rates.

So set yourself up, your companions and your family for the Country's greatest zoo, Cebu Safari Resort.

Travel agencies in Cebu will also provide tours for the place like Cebu Tours with its Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Package. It will most likely increase the growth of tourism in the province and the number of tourist for both locals and foreigners. You can book with them and they will arrange everything once the place is opened.

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