Green Recipe For Smoothie With Rich Protein

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It is essential for the fitness of our body that we are taking the healthy and balanced diet. You can add a smoothie to your diet chart to have several benefits.  Smoothie is perfectly prepared drink in which you will find a harmony of fruits and vegetables. Many people prefer to add more amount of protein for many advantages. With the protein rich smoothie you can fasten the process of gaining muscles. The importance of protein increases in many folds when you are a bodybuilding professional or a yoga trainer. People will certainly notice our body fitness and muscles. So in order to gain success, you will have to maintain your body by giving the perfect diet to it. For this, you can do the addition of a good smoothie in your routine diet.

There is no doubt that at present you can find several kinds of readymade smoothie in super market and food stores. They might resemble the natural smoothie but you should only give preference to a homemade recipe. This is very easy because you can easily prepare it for a smoothie maker at home. The only thing that you will need is a perfect recipe to know about the quantity of the ingredients. Now we are going to tell about a wonderful healthy recipe and every other detail about it. Hope you will be able to prepare easily at home.

Details about the ingredients

–    One packet or two scoops protein powder

–    One cup water

–    One cup of raw kale, it must be chopped

–    One orange, peel and seeds removed

–    Half teaspoon of spirulina powder

–    One pinch of ground cinnamon

–    One pinch of ginger powder

Proper way to prepare it

You must be wondering that why we have mentioned preparing this smoothie for a good smoothie maker. Well, you must know that smoothie maker is specially designed to handle the extra stress of various ingredients at the time of blending. So for the mouth-watering taste and perfect texture you should mix everything in the smoothie maker and serve it in a big glass.

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