Types Of Scaffold As Enumerated In Scaffolding Code Of Practice 2009

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Scaffolding is the most important equipment required for any type of construction, repair and maintenance work. Metropolitans are the hub of infrastructural development and Scaffolding Hire companies are in most requirement. Use, handling and maintenance of scaffold is guided by scaffolding code of practice 2009 issued by australian government. Here are the types of scaffold as enumerated in the code:

Birdcage Scaffold

It is connected by ledgers and transoms, consists of multiple rows of standards but mainly used for carrying out work at only one level. Scaffolder Hire companies widely provide these types.

Tower Scaffold

It is independent,has multiple levels, consists of four vertical members connected longitudinally and transversally. It is mostly used for repair and reconditioning works.

Mobile Scaffold

It is same as tower scaffold in that it consists of vertical members connected longitudinally and transversally. It is freestanding and mounted on castors, and thus movable.

Hung Scaffold

It is an independent scaffold that is hung from another structure. However it is not capable of being raised or moved from its stationary location. It should be designed by a competent person and inspected and verified properly.

Single Pole

Single pole is not independent and is placed against the structure for which it is built. It has a single row of standards connected by ledgers. Putlogs are fixed to the ledgers and built into the wall of the building or structure.


It has a suspended single platform put in place along the structure. It is capable of being  lowered or raised or slightly moved by the sides. Swing stage scaffold is suspended scaffold. It is widely used in painting or cleaning high rise buildings.


A cantilever scaffold is a scaffold supported by cantilevered load-bearing members. It looks like an extension of original structure. 

Hanging Bracket

These are supported by frames on buildings or other structures.

Spur Scaffold

Spur scaffold is supported by inclined load bearing member.

Scaffold for demolition work

Heavy duty or special duty scaffolds are used for demolition work. It contains dislodged materials to provide a safe working platform to workers.

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