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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a highly efficient and bonded communication protocol to transfer or move big files from 1 pc to another, which can be situated in a distant area and linked with World Wide Web.

Generally, we're conversant with Email for exchanging information over the net. It's observed that Mail isn't a powerful medium to serve all of the functions of sharing electronic information.

General Email providers don't support big files, in addition, the kind of the files issues for some providers. Considering that the upper limit of this document size is defined in Mail support, thus, you cannot send huge files over a communication system.


FTP responder software enables us to move large digital files by protecting the material from unauthorized things. Originally, files have been uploaded from the FTP server, and it is a documented area in the host allocated to the consumer.

This allocated area is referred to as FTP site and stores all of the files, which can be uploaded by the customer. Individuals that are licensed to access the allocated website can access the documents via their personal FTP account. In HTTP the dimensions of the document issues but in FTP you're free to move massive files no matter the content and kind.

Upload Large Files

The size and quantity of documents depend upon the distance that's allocated to you personally on the FTP website. In case you have 3GB area in your own FTP server then based on that you are able to upload files to your server. 

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