Best Street Food Items to Try in Thailand

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Thailand is a heaven for scrumptious and aromatic street food; you simply cannot go wrong with Thai food when it comes to trying the different varieties. The rich flavors are deeply incorporated in the food which makes you forget the high-end restaurants that you have in your home town.


If you are a food lover then Thailand should be your top priority to indulge in the deliciousness of street food. Here are some of our picks that you must try in Thailand:

  • Stir Fried Ice-cream

The stir-fried ice cream is a specialty of Phuket. You’ll be able to find this in every nook and corner. This usual ice cream with a twist is made right before your eyes in a couple of minutes. Milk is poured into a freezing cold pan along with your choice of flavor and stirred while the ingredients freeze in the mixing bowl. Served in a cone, this item is a delight for your mouth.

  • Prehistoric Seafood

You can find plenty of seafood in Thailand, but if you are looking for fresh seafood at economical price then visit the fishing village in Hua Hin. You can find the best seafood that there is, chefs butcher and cook the seafood right in front of your eyes. Try the horseshoe crab served in a shell with crab eggs prepared in a zesty salad.

  • The Veg Curry

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, you can find plenty of vegetarian Thai food in Bangkok. Satisfy your taste buds with the tangy tom yum goong, a vegetable soup full of galangal and lemongrass.

These were our favorites, visit Thailand app for more picks and let us know about your favorites as well.

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