Swimsuits For Different Types Of Bodies

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Everyone has a different type of body so designers create various types of swimsuits so that everyone can wear them without feeling fat. Now shopping for swimsuits is similar to shopping for a nice dress. You can easily select the style that compliments your figure. Below are a few tips to keep in mind:

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1. Pear body

If you have a pear shaped body, you can go with a simpler bottom. This way you refrain from focusing on your curvy bottom. Most women with pear shaped bodies select strapless and round necklines.  

2. Inverted Triangle body

Women with wider shoulders should go with wide straps because small straps make their shoulders look broader. Go with swimsuits that have designs, print, ruffles or skirt type look.

3. Apple body

For women with a heavier bust it is recommended to select a suit that draws attention away from their curves. They can go with suits that are ruffled around the hips. These details help in camouflaging your waist.

4. Rectangle body

Women with a rectangular body need something that draws attention to their curves. This type of swimwear makes their waist look slimmer. Go with something that has frilly details, pleats or ruffles on waistline.

5. Hourglass body

Hourglass bodies are considered the ideal body type; women with this type of figure can wear any swimsuit. If you are conscious about the slim waist you can go with a v neckline as it looks amazing on the hourglass body type.

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