My Quick High-school Makeup Routine

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Getting ready each morning is a constant struggle, especially when you hit the snooze button one too many times and are left with only 15 minutes to bathe, dress and do your hair and makeup. After years of struggle, I narrowed by makeup routine down to 5 items, which took me a total of 10 minutes to apply. Read on to find out about my quick as easy high school makeup routine.


Self-Tanning Lotion & BB Cream

Take a few pumps the lotion (or tinted moisturizer) a few pumps of the BB cream, mix the two together and apply onto your face. I used to go ahead and apply with my fingers, but for a more flawless finish use a beauty blender or foundation brush.


After the amount of sleep I used to get back in those days, I won’t be caught dead without any concealer to hide those hideous dark circles. So for me, concealer was an absolute must!

Cream Blush

I have always been a fan for natural makeup. I used to opt for a cream blush to give a natural hint of color to my cheeks. The BB cream and tanning lotion used to take away most of the color. I always like my cheeks to seem naturally flushed, making me look fresh. Therefore, I added cream blush to my essential makeup items.


Instead of putting on eyeliner, which takes a lot of time for clean and accurate application, I used to apply mascara. Opt for mascara that adds definition and volume to the lashes and your eyes will look even better than they do with eyeliner.

Lip Stain

For an everyday daytime look, I like to keep things subtle and natural. For me, a nice lip stain was the best way to complete the look.

These steps won't take you more than 10 minutes to get done with your makeup. Skip whichever step you may like. You can add products to the routine too for example if you feel filling in your brows is an essential step for you then go on ahead and add an additional step for filling your brows!

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