The Advantages Of Using Olive Oil In Massage Therapies

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Olive Oil is one of the most commonly used oils in massage therapies. It is light, non-sticky and doesn’t smell entirely bad like some other oils. There are more benefits of applying olive oil on the skin, some of which are given below.

  1. One of the major reasons why massage therapists use olive oil is that it helps to reduce inflammation. Olive oil contains a chemical called Oleocantha which acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Whether it is an inflamed joint, a sprain or muscle spasms, and a massage with warm olive oil is the solution to eliminate the pain and reduce inflammation.
  2. Olive Oil helps calm the nerves while improving the blood flow in the body. This helps to boost the level of energy in the body which in turn helps reduce stress.
  3. Moreover, if the skin is tanned or contains a sun burn, a mixture of olive oil and water is beneficial for reducing the sun burn.
  4. In addition, for uneven skin tone, olive oil is used to balance the skin tone. Massage therapists take various massage short courses in Sydney to learn about the ways olive oil is useful to improve skin beauty along with overall health.
  5. In addition, a mixture of olive oil and coffee helps reduce cellulite when the problem areas of the body are massaged with the mixture.

To conclude, it can be seen that olive oil has numerous benefits which make it one of the most popular oils used in massage therapies across the world.

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