What To Consider When Eating Fruit And Veg?

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Fruits and vegetables are an amazing thing. They are delicious and versatile. Unfortunately, amongst children, they may be sidelined for crisps and chocolate. To help you promote the fresh produce in their diet we can prepared a list of tips for you to consider.

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1. Cooked or Raw

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten both ways. If you plan on making them a part of your child’s meals try to:

  • Cut them into easy to cut sticks, if served raw.
  • Add some seasoning if you cook them. Have you tried baking thinly sliced beet root with onions, carrots, garlic and some seasoning?

2. Seasonal

Seasonal fruit is often best. It’s juicy, it’s sweet and it’s incredibly easy to eat. Similarly, vegetables are usually at their best when they are in season. To help you order seasonal fruit track down a store that offers the best fruit and veg delivery in Sydney.

3. Time of day

Try to work out a routine for your kids, and slot in a bit of fruit and vegetables at least once a day. An apple before breakfast will help to get their digestive system working, while a banana as a midday snack will keep them going till lunch.

4. Keep them in sight

Have you ever noticed that children will eat things when they are hungry, and you aren’t watching? Keep a bowl of fruit fruits and carrot sticks on the table, near the television and in their toy room. They’ll pop over to the table and grab something as they play.

The point is to try and incorporate it into their diet. It should become a norm!

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