How To Avoid Mosquito Bites During Summer Camping?

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Planning camping trips is one of the most interesting activities to do in summers. However, it is important to make all the important lists and take the necessary precautions before going. Considering that summers is the season for mosquitoes, one must also plan ways to avoid mosquito bites during the trip. Below is a list of things one can do.

1. Wear long sleeves

To stay safe it is important to cover your skin. Therefore, you should always pack a lot of long sleeve shirts. Although mosquitoes can still reach your skin even through a layer of tight clothing, you can still prevent this by opting for more loose clothing.

2. Choose light colors

No matter how much you love blacks and dark blues, you must choose light colored clothing if you want the mosquitoes to stay away from you. You must wear light colors for two main reasons. Firstly, mosquitoes find it hard to see them and secondly, it is also easier to spot bugs or mosquitoes on a light colored shirt such as baby blue as compared to a dark colored one like black.

3. Use a Mosquito Repellent

It is an easy way to repel mosquitoes. Instead of getting any mosquitos repellent choose one which has more than 20 percent DEET. Also make sure that you don't spray it in your eyes or mouth, and wash it off later on.

Therefore, next time along with planning your camping equipment hire, also take all the necessary steps to be safe from mosquito bites.

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