Best Tourist Places On The Western Front

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The Western Front was a term used in the First World War to describe a particular area composed of Italy, Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom and other countries where heavy military warfare took place. Today, these areas are homes to several historical landmarks.

1. The Lantern Tower, France.

Standing at 52 metres, the Lantern Tower is the world’s biggest French military cemetery. This national memorial is located in Ablain St. Nazaire, in the historic region of Artois. The best time to visit it is at night, when the beacon on top of it begins to rotate and emit a light which crosses over 45 miles of land.

2. Sanctuary Woods, Belgium.

Located near the Menin Road which runs between Geluveld and Zillebeke, this site is home to several trenches used during the First World War. To those who have an interest in history, this site allows visitors to view the conditions soldiers fought in during the war.

3. The Lochnagar Mine Crater, France.

A grand sight to behold, the Lochnagar Mine Crater can be found on the Somme battlefield, in the upper reaches of the River Somme. It was formed during the First World War, when the British army attempted to destroy a German stronghold by means of a detonated explosion.

4. Hill 60, Belgium.

Getting its name from the fact that it rests 60 metres above sea level, the hill witnessed several battles during the First World War. By visiting a nearby museum, you can learn about the hill’s history and how its appearance has been influenced by the battles fought upon it. Additionally, the hill stills holds a concrete post where machine guns were fired from.

For anyone wishing to go on a Western Front Tour, these sites are definitely worth visiting.

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