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I recently moved into a new home that I absolutely love. But above all else, my favorite part about the house is the pool in the backyard. I have always wanted a pool and now I have one – a place where my kids and I can lounge all summer long and around which I can have barbecues and parties for my friends and extended family. I am so excited by this new addition that I have long been planning many events here; and the first one is a luau party.

With tiki torches lining the pool area and plenty of room in the backyard for festive decorations, I knew that a summer luau party was the perfect way to combine a housewarming and a summer get-together. And I also knew that if done right, it would be the start of a long tradition of similar gatherings. But first things first. I began by hunting down luau party supplies online that would work for the look that I was going for without breaking the bank.

At first I have to say that I was largely disappointed by what I found. Most of the party supply stores around in our area have limited merchandise to say the least and they were not ready to be carrying luau party supplies for the summer months when they were still stocking graduation party supplies and other spring related themed party supplies.

But I found an amazing variety of luau party supplies online. Since websites are not dealing with limited shelving, they are able to stock party supplies for the entire year and I found luau party supplies online that were not only affordable but were truly awesome looking. I bought everything I could get my hands on and I’m ready to luau party.

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