Yoga Poses To Lose Weight From The Hips And Thighs

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If you have been trying to reduce your weight for a long time, and are finding it hard to do so do not worry. Everyone has their trouble areas and things that they want to change about their body. Doing yoga is not only good for your mental health, but also helps you reduce unnecessary fat from your hips and thighs. Here are a few yoga poses that can help you out in doing so.

1. Chair pose

In this pose, you pretend to sit on an imaginary chair for some time. As, most of your weight in this pose lies on your legs, they are properly toned during the chair pose. It strengthens your legs muscles, and especially does wonders for your hips and thigh region.

2. Natarajasana

In this pose you are supposed to lift one of your legs and bend your knee, bringing the leg into your body from behind. You then reach with the arm from the same side and hold your foot, while stretching your hips and thighs the entire time. You are required to hold this pose for some time, while taking deep relaxing breaths. This improves the blood circulation in your legs and opens up hips, toning them properly.

3. Upavistha Konasana

To carry this out, you need to stretch your legs really wide and move your palms to the middle, while bending your body over them and reaching the ground with your head. This improves muscle strength and flexibility by stretching your thighs; special focus of this pose is on the inner thigh area of your body, which is usually ignored during workouts.

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