How The Right Font Can Help Your Website Standout From The Rest

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What are the Important Aspects

to be Considered for Selecting the Right Font?

One of the important design aspect every Toronto web design company needs to focus on is proper use of fonts. The reason is that right fonts help to improve readability and also assist in making text attractive. However, the number of options available nowadays can make it difficult for web design companies to choose right font. Thus, we will focus on providing useful tips so that it becomes easier for designers to choose most appropriate font for a web site.

Aspects to Keep Note of While Selecting Fonts

Readability of Fonts

Toronto web design companyTo improve readability designers need to determine suitable number of characters that should be shown per line. Moreover, your Toronto web design company should also consider the various screen resolutions users will be using to view the web site and select the font accordingly.

Value of Contrast

Font selection needs to be appropriate so that it assists in creation of proper contrast between textual matter and the background, making it easier to read the text. Thus, to develop right contrast designers should take into consideration stroke size, color, spacing and weight to achieve desired results.

Importance of Compatibility

Main aim of designers should be to select a font that has complete compatibility with all the present browsers available for mobile devices and desktop computers. As such, web design companies need to perform tests on all possible devices to ensure that selected font is compatible with all of them.

Significance of Message Tone

Font selection will also depend upon message you want to deliver and its tone. Some of the other details designers need to take into account are colors as well as images used on the site for selecting the right font. At this point designers need to find answers for the following questions so that most appropriate font can be used. These questions would include:

  • Will font be used for large or small text?
  • Is it a formal or a casual site?
  • Will it be required to utilize bold or lighter text?
  • Will message tone and font match?

Implications of Page Load Time

Since visitors tend to prefer faster loading sites, designers should focus on using fonts which have very less loading time. Accordingly, several fonts should be tested before a font is selected to ensure that it will not affect load time of your site. Some of the other aspects which are to be taken into account in this respect would include:

  • Designers need to make sure that only specific number of fonts are used.
  • Your Toronto web design company should also judiciously select a font style as well as language for the font they plan to use on the site.

Usefulness of Leading Space and Colors

Designers should focus on selecting a 3:1 contrast ratio for the font as well as opt for tighter leading space in case text will be of smaller size.

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that fonts have an important role in improving site's design and by keeping note of above aspects it will become easier for designers to create better designs.

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