Different Types of Courses in Massage Therapy Schools

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Massage therapy is considered an art on its own. To become a masseuse is no less than becoming a trained professional. There are many types of massages, people who actually go to spas know otherwise. Here is a guide to the different types of massage courses being offered in various massage therapy schools to allow some insight into this profession.



This is a massage therapy form that has helped therapists in treating their clients. The primary focus of this massage therapy is relaxation, often using acupuncture. This allows their minds and bodies to become stress free, clearing their subconscious.

Myofascial Release Therapy

While relaxing muscles is important, the relaxation of the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding our muscles and joints, is essential as well. The myofascial release therapy does exactly that. It helps eliminate pain, and improves muscle function by increasing mobility and balancing the body.

Sports Massage

This is one of the most common applications of massage therapies offered as a Tafe massage course Sydney. Physiotherapists use this as a tool to not just help players heals from their injuries but also helps prevent them by using various techniques to mobilize and stretch all muscles.


This is a Japanese practice where the massage therapist uses an ancient technique to tap into the life force energy and use it to heal the client by transferring it through hands. It helps people feel connected to life, and helps in healing.

These are some of most interesting massage courses you can take at massage therapy schools. 

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