How To Pass The Enrolled Agent Exam

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When it comes to studying for the enrolled agent exam, there are several choices, either you can use the course overview on the IRS website to locate study materials yourself or you can purchase an enrolled agent review course.  Most students choose an enrolled agent course, like the fast forward academy course, because it provides all the instructional materials you will need to prepare and they include testing software that you otherwise would not be available to use.  The main benefit of choosing a course like the fast forward academy, is they have years of experience in teaching students how to successfully take and pass the enrolled agent exam.  Whereas, if you attempt to source all the materials you need to prepare to study for the exam yourself, you will likely spend more time and money than if you just purchased a course.

Now when it comes to taking the enrolled agent exam, some students ofter wonder if they even have to study at all for the exam. The answer is that very few people will be prepared to take and pass all three sections of the enrolled agent exam without any preparation. However, since you can take the enrolled agent exam as many times as necessary to pass the exam, if you really want to attempt to take the test without studying and fail, it's not the end of the world.  That said, you should keep in mind that the enrolled agent exam is over three hours long and consists of several hundred multiple choice exam questions, so it's probably not the most enjoyable way to spend your weekend taking.  So, you are likely far better off studying for the enrolled agent exam, taking the exam and passing it on your first attempt.  Rather than taking the ea exam without preparing and finding out that you not only have to study, but you also have to take the exam over again.

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