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Asbestos is a kind of mineral that is commonly mined because of its usefulness as an industrial sealing agent. Among the uses of asbestos are as an ingredient in making bricks, concrete, and cement for fire places and pipes; as insulant for sealings and pipes; as gaskets that are resistant to acid, fire, and heat; as a fire resistant coating for walls, floors, and roofs; as a joint compound for drywall; and furniture for lawns. Because of its many uses, asbestos mining seems to be an inevitable industry, sans the many risks associated with it. You can explore the web, if you want to have more information about California Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit.

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Included in these risks are those associated with health, such as asbestosis, which a type of a disease in the lungs called pneumoconiosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, which are brought about by inhaling asbestos fibres.

Despite this ban, however, there are still unscrupulous individuals and selfish businessmen who would lure those who are looking for blue collar jobs into asbestos mines. And, as if that is not enough, these poor job seekers are made to work into the mines without even some form of medical insurance to assure that there will be someone to help foot the bill in case an issue that is health related comes up while they are on duty.

In cases like this, clearly, there is a right that is being violated, and that is the right of the job seekers to have their health protected from risks. This is where the asbestosis lawyer comes in. He basically handles lawsuits that have something to do with exposure to the harmful chemical asbestos. 

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