What is a Condominium Inspection, and Why is it Needed?

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If you are considering purchasing a condo, it is just a good idea to have a condominium inspection done for many reasons. Many people assume that a home inspection and a condominium inspection are the same, which could be a major mistake. Condos have unique requirements, and differ significantly from homes since there are areas which are considered common areas that are being used by all the occupants. Condominiums are similar to very elegant apartments; nonetheless they are purchased rather than rented. There is normally at least one association of owners, sometimes more, which association can examine fees for the maintenance and upkeep of the complete building, including the roof, electrical systems, and something other components that are shared by all of the unit owners. Normally the homeowners association for condominiums is in charge of the maintenance and repair of any component or area that is shared by more than one unit.

A condominium inspection will inspect all the common areas possible, as well as the individual product, and asses the entire condition of both. This relationship is also usually accountable for the condition of the roofs, landscaping, and all exterior components and surface finishes. You can also visit http://45east22.com/ to buy gramercy park condos.

A condominium inspection should be done to protect you if you are considering buying a product. It’s also wise to carefully review the Home Owners Association Limited Covenants, because these will summarize precisely what the HOA is accountable for and what the proprietors is in charge of if an issue arises.

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