Building Muscle Using The Rack Workout Station

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If you’ve ever wanted to own a compact and versatile home gym, The Rack is one way to do it. You can use it for various reasons alongside various exercises. Depending on the model you purchase, you can get one that weighs either 23 or 30 pounds. The 23 pounds model can hold up to a maximum weight of 30 pounds. The 30 pounds one can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The Rack can be used for various exercises such as weightlifting, body weight and many more.

For most people, the most effective way to build muscles is by going to a gym and lifting dumbbells or other weightlifting machines. Of course, this is effective but it’s not the only way to do it. You can definitely get bigger biceps by using the Rack exercising station. Using your own bodyweight, you can produce enough load to create growth without necessarily lifting weights. If you want to build muscles effectively using the Rack, you should follow all the exercise plans outlined and stick to the schedule at all times. You can see what workouts come with The Rack workout station at

For the best results, you should push your body to complete muscle failure and that’s when you can’t do another rep. By exhausting your muscles completely, they will be forced to adapt and grow much bigger in size. If the workouts are becoming too easy, then you might want to increase the weight so it becomes harder. This is a great way to guarantee muscle growth.

You can do this effectively in a couple of ways. First, The Rack can hold additional weight of 40 pounds in the form of weight plates. Therefore, you can attach 5 pound weight plates to the machine to increase the load. That means the maximum weight can go as high as 65 pounds or 70 pounds once you have added the extra weight plates. That provides plenty of resistance for most to grow muscle. You can also make your workouts harder by wearing a weighted vest.

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