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The best way to liven a party is through music!  Don't just turn on the stereo and play those old CDs that are collecting dust.  If you want your party to really rock, invest in a good DJ.  DJ hire is a surefire way to add excitement and enthusiasm to your event.  Let your guests loosen up their dancing muscles and groove to the beat of an experienced music mixing aficionado.

Where do you find a DJ?  You can look in the yellow pages, try an online site such as Craigslist or have DJs bid for your job from an online entertainment vendor agency.  Craigslist is an avenue many DJs take that are looking to expand their opportunities and could include experienced talent or those just starting out.  An entertainment vendor agency lets you input your specifications and you just sit back and let DJs bid for your project.  There's no obligation; simply select the one you want. In fact, your neighbourhood store from which you usually buy your party supplies can also hook you up with a good DJ.

Another way to find a DJ is to ask friends or associates for recommendations.  If you go to an event where a DJ is present and you like him, ask for a reference from the company or person employing him.  Get his contact information and ask for a live audition.

Once you've found a selection of DJs, narrow the field.  Make sure they have the important factors that constitute a good DJ:  talent, personality, quality equipment, song library and prop and special effect options.

Talent & Personality

For a more casual party, you want a DJ that gets involved with the guests.  Look for DJ's that have props that will enhance their entertainment value.  A good DJ will skillfully choose the right music for the occasion and follow any theme that you may have indicated.  For the more formal event, the right DJ will know how to conduct himself and dress accordingly.

The personality of the DJ is important.  You want your DJ to be outgoing and yet professional.  A good DJ will take part in getting your guests onto the dance floor and will even sometimes provide quick dance lessons.  Selecting the right type of music is more than just flipping through their library of music.  It involves truly paying attention to the audience and to your specifications for the party.

Quality Equipment

Make sure the electronic equipment and speakers are of good quality.  Have the DJ demonstrate this by auditioning live for you prior to hiring.  Remember, your guests will be listening to this music for a while; it should be clear and the tone well-balanced.  You don't want a sound that is lacking in depth or that is too heavy on bass.  Let your ears be the judge.

Song Library

Any DJ worth his salt will have an extensive and varied selection of music:  oldies, swing, classic rock, dance, R&B and current.  Ask for a list of their music and find out if they can add any selections that are not on the list.  Don't forget the party standards, "Electric Slide" and "YMCA".  If your party is formatted around a particular theme, make sure the music follows suit.  The DJ should have music selections that appeal to every taste.

Props and Special Effects

Many DJs will bring props to help get the event moving and to encourage guests to dance.  For example, they may bring hardhats and an Indian headdress for the always fun "YMCA".  Your DJ may have in their prop collection a rubber chicken to get everyone clucking for the chicken dance.  To add some flair, they may have different hats that match the music they play.  If your party is based around a theme, ask the DJ hire company what props they have to enhance your theme.

Special effects, such as lighting, can really add some festivity to your party and bring out the atmosphere.  The DJ may even have fog/smoke machines to place around the dance floor.  These are great at Halloween parties.  Ask about other special effects your DJ can offer.  You might be surprised!

Extra Considerations

You will want to obtain a contract and make sure the DJ has a back-up plan in case of emergency, such as illness or equipment failure.  Obtain references and agree on a price.  Plan ahead if it's a busy party time of year such as weddings, graduations and holidays.  Lastly, enjoy the party!  Sit back, relax and let someone else take over the music.

A DJ is a great way to add that extra note of zest to your party.  It brings energy and excitement to the table and can offer some unexpected surprises.  When was the last time you saw your Aunt Ethel do the hustle?  Music and dancing can bring your guests together and create a truly festive atmosphere.  A talented DJ can take an active role in getting your party really grooving.  Now that's a party!


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